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Who We Serve

At the Men's Life Skills Center, executive coaching is an important component among the many professional services we provide.  Are you a business executive who enjoys success, but could use some support on how to develop the next step of your career, learn how to deal with “problem” staff, build a team, improve productivity or morale, or solve another kind of business or workplace problem?

Do you have personal issues that impede your effectiveness, but you feel isolated in trusting someone enough to talk about them candidly?

Are you a high-profile organizational leader who requires consultation in strict confidentiality?

Are you someone with a personal problem, an addiction, or a burdensome secret that you need to be relieved and liberated from, but find it difficult to find someone to confide in, but who is also qualified to help you with serious life problems?

People rely on you, perhaps many of them, but who do YOU rely on?

Today's organizational leaders, from corporations to non-profit organizations to film studios to law offices to medical practices to media figures, all face the pressures of an ever-changing market.  This can be exhilarating and even rewarding, but the pressure to perform, to be "more" each passing year, and to balance your professional role(s) with your personal roles as husband, partner, father, son, sibling, friend, and community leader can be daunting. 

At the Men's Life Skills Center, we offer Executive Coaching Services for professionals in positions of high responsibility who face these pressures. 

While there are some overlaps with traditional therapy, we focus more specifically on the development of your “Professional Self” by making short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term goals, and giving you the support you need to take your confidence, title, and salary to the next level.  We also help you balance your professional achievement with a personal satisfaction that gives your life meaning and purpose over the long term. 

We help you identify the thinking patterns, behavioral habits, and self-limiting "core schemas" that are holding you back from achieving your optimum performance and effectivenss, and that of your work team (or individual team members).


What is the VALUE of hiring Ken Howard, LCSW or other staff of the Men's Life Skills Center as your executive coach?

We help you to…

Feel more motivated, confident, and viable again after experiencing challenges or setbacks

Feel more relaxed and comfortable in situations that used to provoke intense anxiety

Cope with problems related to cocaine, crystal meth, gambling, sex, spending, or other challenges, to help you feel stronger, healthier, and liberated from the tyrrany of addiction

Develop strategies for social anxiety to be less isolated, and put yourself confidently “out there” to promote your professional and personal self to maximum effectiveness in all interpersonal relationships

Develop strategies for planning the arc of your career, from your present position to retirement and beyond, learning new skills, preparing for advanced education, or professional networking

Defuse and de-escalate anger and relax, where maybe you used to blow up and pay a high price for anger (such as domestic violence, legal trouble, or embarrassment about “losing your cool” in front of others)

Come to terms with the personal issues that distract you in the workplace and impede your effectiveness

We also help male executives learn to communicate better with staff, superiors, or other constituents, forge compromises, and achieve high-integrity relationships.

We provide you with a private, safe, confidential space to come each week, at a time set aside just for you, with undivided attention, where you can work toward goals that are important to you and that would relieve you of burdens or improve your quality of life. Everything we talk about is strictly confidential, except for the most extreme legal situations of threats of harm to yourself or others. There is no topic that is “taboo” for us; there is no judgement. We take things at your pace.

But you might still have questions…

I'm very busy, which is part of the problem.  How can I take time for executive coaching if I'm already stressed in my work schedule?

While it might sound counter-intuitive to add an executive coaching appointment to your already-busy schedule, you also have to think of the cost of not having help and support.  Most problems, when ignored, either stay persistently negative or get worse. Taking the time to receive executive coaching helps you to be more relaxed, confident, empowered, and focused, which helps you with time efficiency in other aspects of your week.  You make an investment of time to gain the peace of mind that comes with addressing problems head-on and doing something about them that is focused, targeted, and active. 

I'm responsible for managing a lot of money, and executive coaching adds to my monthly expenditures.  How do I justify the cost, to me or to my organization?

Every person who is successful in business already knows that it "takes money to make money".  It's not so much the spending or the cost, as long as it's a reasonable price paid for the benefit received.  The fees associated with executive coaching are an investment in your personal and professional well-being, just like so many other individualized services paid to a professional: a consultants, a physician, a dentist, a personal trainer, an accountant, and many others.  If at any time you don't feel you're receiving the services you need, we can discuss that with you.  We are here to serve you, and we want you to feel that our services are benefiting you.  We may not always tell you what you want to hear — and most of our clients appreciate that we don't do that, that we are frank with you when perhaps few people around you really are — but it's done in service to your growth and benefit.  Executive coaching services are also tax-deductible as a business expense. 

Why should I choose you, over the many executive coaching services that are available?

While many executive coaching services and providers exist, many or most of these providers are not also academically and professionally trained.  These executive coach "certification" programs are certifying their members after they pay a fee and receive days or weeks of training.  All of the staff at the Men's Life Skills Center are academically trained, Master's-level professional psychotherapists, which means they have had at least six years of higher education, have been supervised in practice, completed thousands of hours of practicum field training, completed required continuing education, comply with a professional Code of Ethics, and even passed state licensing exams.  There has been a weed-out process before higher education, during, and after, and not everyone makes the cut.  With other "executive coaches", they might not have even completed high school; it's not illegal to do that.  The staff at the Men's Life Skills Center includes experience and backgrounds in corporate software companies, the entertainment industry, non-profit organization management, the military, small business administration, and high-level corporate settings, in addition to their training as psychotherapists. 

But how do I know if I really need executive coaching? 

Many people think they have to really “need” therapy or coaching to work with me; that’s not true. Our work can begin whenever you WANT it to. There is really no such thing as people who “need” therapy and coaching versus people who don’t. Everyone could benefit from knowing themselves better and setting goals to improve their life.  The only requirement for anyone who “needs” therapy or coaching is someone who simply wants to make a change in their life, or who wants to reach an important goal, and could use some support to do it.

All of the staff at the Men's Life Skills Center are qualified professionals, either licensed psychotherapists (Ken Howard, LCSW, Clinical Director), or are state-registered with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences who work under the supervision of the Clinical Director.  We draw on over 20 years of professional experience in providing counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching to men just like you, and from our own lifetime experience as male professionals in and around Los Angeles.

Next Steps

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 310-726-HELP (4357) or email  We will discuss your particular needs, and match you with the staff that would be the most appropriate to work with you.  Services are available in person, at the office in Los Angeles (near Beverly Center), and also via phone, Skype, or email consultations.  Sessions are available seven days a week.