man questioning


1. What is the Men's Life Skills Center?

The Men's Life Skills Center is a comprehensive, multi-service, life skills enhancement resource for gay and straight men to thrive at every phase of life:  adolescence, young adulthood, midlife, and senior/retirement.

The Men's Life Skills Center is a group practice comprised of Master's-level professionals for psychotherapy and coaching services, from a male-affirmative psychological perspective, offering unique services and a comprehensive approach that currently no other group practice offers. 

These services include traditional individual, couple, and group psychotherapy; life/career/business coaching; case management and resource coordination/linkage; organizational and media consulting; and seminars/workshops.  All services are individualized and coordinated among a team of highly-skilled professionals who represent the best of their respective fields. 

We help men thrive in their mental health, physical health, career, relationships, finances, and life satisfaction. 

2. How can you help me?

Ken Howard, LCSW, and the staff of the Men's Life Skills Center help you by providing services that no other group psychotherapy practice offers.  Whether you are gay, straight, or bisexual, we help men of all different demographics and backgrounds.  Our services are not limited to individual psychotherapy; we also offer conjoint (couples) therapy, group therapy, life/business coaching, as well as services that no other group practice provides.  These services include adult "case management" and linkage to health and wellness services that support your optimal living as a "whole person".  Whether you need a doctor for addressing any medical needs or challenges, a trainer to get your body in shape, a nutritionist to help develop a healthy diet, a home organizer to de-clutter your home or office, an acupuncturist to help with chronic pain and other conditions, a massage therapist to ease your muscular tensions, a wardrobe and image consultant to help you look your best at home or at work, or a public relations consultant to help you make the best public/professional impression, we can help you get connected to all of those, and more. 

3. How is this different from other psychotherapy group practices?

Because we offer linkage to all of the above, "ancillary" services, as well as the services you might expect from a group of licensed (or license-eligible) psychotherapists, such as individual, couples, and group therapy.  The Men's Life Skills Center is your "one-stop shopping" destination to help you improve many aspects of your life, but specializing in the special psychological, physical, mental, societal, professional, and spiritual needs of men, both gay and straight.  For women, we provide referrals to competent and talented clinicians whom we trust, that specialize in helping women improve their lives. 

4. Why should I choose you over other group practices, clinicians, or resources?

Because, simply, we offer more.  Not only do we offer more experience (our founder and executive director, Ken Howard, LCSW, has over 22 years experience as a psychotherapist), and very specialized expertise (such as men's psychology and gay-affirmative therapy), but also more staff available to help you, and more services under one roof (or several) that are designed to help you address multiple challenges, or areas of need, in your life, all in the context of addressing the specialized needs of men.  All of our staff, and our referrals to ancillary services providers, have been carefully selected due to their education, skills, talent, effectiveness, ethics, and commitment to positive treatment outcomes for you. 

5. Where are you located?

Our main location is an office on the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills border, on San Vicente Boulevard, just north of Wilshire and just south of the Beverly Center mall.  We are especially convenient to the westside, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, mid-Wilshire, and areas south.  We also have staff at a satellite office on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, near Crescent Heights.

In addition to these physical offices, our staff conducts sessions for therapy and/or coaching via phone, Skype, email exchanges, text exchanges, to clients from other cities, other states, and even all over the world. We are "technology-friendly" for today's online world.  This helps guys who don't live in or near Los Angeles, or don't have time to commute to our offices, but still want specialized help, to be able to get it.  We offer sessions 7 days a week; Ken Howard, LCSW, is available Monday through Friday, and other staff are available on Saturdays and Sundays.  We have morning, afternoon, and evening time slots available.   

6. What if I need more information before I make an appointment?

The best way is to think about the kind of help you need, and reach out and tell us about it.  You get a free, 15-minute consultation on the phone, and then you can schedule an intake interview consultation appointment.  At the intake consultation, we will conduct an assessment of all you would like help with, and then develop an action plan for you, connecting you to the right services, the right member(s) of our staff, and give you all the information you need to get started.  Different services, and different staff, carry various fees, which we can explain when we talk.

7. How do I make an appointment?

For your free, 15-minute phone consultation, or for more information, call/text Ken at 310-339-5778, or email him