kh - pp - FTM transgenderIndividual Psychotherapy for Transgender FTM Men

At the Men's Life Skills Center, we have staff clinicians who are gay, and ones who are straight.  We believe in staffing according to the diversity of the community of Los Angeles that we serve.   

It's true that there are many straight therapists who treat gay clients, and many gay therapists who treat straight clients.  We believe in supporting our clients in any demographic from which they come. 

Transgender (Female-to-Male, FTM) men in therapy face some additional obstacles that other people don't.  For example, you're probably already aware that transgender men can often feel "left out" in all kinds of social ways.  Whether it's pre-transition, transition, or post-transition, our staff have specially trained in transgender issues, providing LGBT-affirmative therapy and coaching services.

At the Men's Life Skills Center, our staff clincians "get it".  We have the specialized training and experience working with transgender men that is needed to work with this population competently and compassionately. 

At the Men's Life Skills Center, we respect the investment of time, energy, and money you make to undergo therapy sessions, and we strive to give value to each and every session we work in together.  You will always receive the personalized service you deserve.

You don't need to do anything other than describe what's bothering you in your life that you'd like to reduce or get rid of, or what's missing from your life that you would like to add.  Our staff of therapists are trained in techniques such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Developmental Psychology, Existential Psychology, psychodynamic therapy, and others, with special emphasis on issues specific to men's psychology.  We help you "pick up" where your ability to deal with certain problems ends.  We help you strengthen your ability to cope, and change your life where you need or want to. 

The one constant in life is change.  Managing your life, building a career, developing satisfying relationships, and taking care of your emotional and physical health are things to strive for, to bring you a sense of meaning, purpose, and contentment to your life.

But sometimes things don’t quite work out as planned, and you’re faced with having to handle the situation, sometimes feeling like you’re doing it all by yourself.  You’re trying to handle a life challenge, but you’ve lost control of the problem and are feeling confused. You may have trouble falling asleep over it, or you may have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. Maybe you feel anxious and worried about the future, and how these problems are going to work out.  You could be having conflicts with people, including others you care about.  Maybe you’re sad and frustrated because you just don’t like yourself very much these days.

Individual therapy can help you resolve current life challenges, and improve both your personal and professional relationships.

When facing life challenges of many kinds, taking responsibility to take care of your yourself and managing your life sometimes means reaching out for help.  During hard times, a qualified, caring, professionally-trained therapist can help you see your problems from a different point of view, help you discover solutions that were previously "hiding", gain important new insights about yourself, and teach you new strategies for coping with your challenges that will guide you to faster resolutions.

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